Cheap Canoes

Getting into canoeing does not have to be expensive. In fact, compared with alot of sports and hobbies canoeing is a downright bargain. The majority of people looking for a canoe are really just looking for something they can paddle around a small lake, most are not planning on taking a seven day canoe trip down a river in the Rockies.

On this page I’m going to point out a few choices for you that all come in under $600 dollars, less the the price of a good shotgun.

In addition to the cheap canoes I have listed here all available fromĀ Amazon you might also want to check out price comparisons on Bizrate as they allow you to compare prices at multiple stores.


First canoe we want to look at is considered a kayak by some people and that is the Sevylor Inflatable Rio Canoe. This has a 4.4 out of 5 rating.

Sevylor Inflatable Rio Canoe Picture

Many of the people who buy the Rio have previous owned a Tahiti and were not happy with it.

Here are some actual comments taken directly from customer reviews of the Sevylor Inflatable Rio Canoe:

“Two years ago I purchased a Sevylor Tahiti kayak. I wanted to try it out on some class 1 rapids. It was the worst kayak I have ever tried to use. Due to the very thin material it was punctured very easily and the cold temp. of the water was causing it to get soft very frequently before the puncture occurred. I know it was not made for that, but I just figured it was a Sevylor. My father and I last year purchased a Rio and it was one of the best purchases that we have ever made. Both of us took this kayak through a class 3 rapid and hit several rocks as well as getting hung-up on debris many times through out the trip downriver with this thing. Not a puncture on either. They held their air through the cold of the water pretty well also. We only had to refill them once during the trip. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, very maneuverable, durable, beginner kayak with a lot of features then this is an excellent choice.”


“The Rio is not the best whitewater kayak, nor is it the best touring kayak , but for the price, it’s the perfect multi-purpose boat. I use mine to paddle rivers, lakes and the ocean. It has enough agility to manuver around rocks and through rapids, and if you paddle evenly, it will track reasonably well on flat water.”


“i own 2 of these and r very pleased with all about them. very durable and industructable. i use them in rapids, hunting and fishing in minnesota. hot and cold temps.i cant say enough good about these, great investment!!!”

Here’s a negative review:

We bought the Rio, thinking we were stepping up from the Sevylor Tahiti we also own. I was disappointed & like the Tahiti better, even though the Tahiti is a cheaper boat.

The Rio has a nice, tough hull; a tough fabric shell over an inflatable core. But in the water, it fish-tailed too much. When the wind blew, it blew me & the Rio quickly across the water where I didn’t want to go. I think it sits higher in the water than the Tahiti & that’s probably why it was at the wind’s mercy. Don’t know if you can get a skeg for the Rio, but you will need one. We sold our Rio but love our Tahiti.

For more info on this canoe click this link: Sevylor Inflatable Rio Canoe


The next cheap canoe we are going to look at is the Pelican Boats Navigator Assembled Recreational Canoe. This has a 4.0 out of 5 rating.

Pelican Boats Navigator Canoe Picture

This canoe is a two seater, 13.5 ft long and very lightweight, weighing in at only 57lbs. It has molded seat and the hull and deck are constructed out of RAM-X high-density polyethylene which can take quite a few impacts without losing the shape. This is a very maneuverable canoe which also means it might be little tough to handle for a beginner.

Below are some actual customer reviews of the Navigator canoe:

“This is a great, functional canoe for the price. It was delivered more quickly than expected, and has held up well so far with fairly frequent use. It is manageable for one adult to lift on top of the car alone, but large enough for two adults or one adult and two children with no problem. We have used it mainly for quiet lakes and calm streams in the area for gentle paddling and fishing. It was sturdy enough to go twice down a canoe shoot with fairly low water without a problem.”

it is an amazing canoe. it was exactly what i ordered and my boyfriend really loves it.”

And this customer did not have a good experience:

“The bolts and pieces are substandard and I had to buy new ones to make it work. The gunnel is soft and the bolts for the handles needed outside washers for assembly, as they pulled through with out washers.

If you get it assembled, I would double check the bolts and nuts to ensure everythings ok.

I researched for quite sometime and went with this canoe. It is good for one person with room for two. It holds a max weight of 650 pounds, so there’s enough room and weight for a weekend trip.

It’s light. Websites state it’s 57 pounds. The info card that came with the canoe stated 54 pounds.

Where I purchased this canoe, they obviously dragged it acrossed the cement as the first layer of the canoe was missing in an area. My fingernail left marks. It is pretty soft. I am going to put on a kevlar keel protector to help protect the keel.”

If you like to investigate this cheap canoe further click this link: Pelican Boats Navigator Assembled Recreational Canoe


The next cheap canoe we want to look at is the KL Industries Water Quest 156 Canoe.

KL Industries Water Quest 156 Canoe

As you can see this is a 3 seater so it is geared more toward family canoeing than the previous two canoes we looked at. It comes in at 18.5 ft long (notice how no canoes seem to have an even length) and includes a cooler beneath the middle seat and a UV resistant hull. This is a very stable canoe.

As far as cheap canoes go it’s a real bargain but only comes in at 3 out of 5 stars.

Here are some actual customer reviews of the Water Quest 156 Canoe:


“This canoe is very stable , which is what my wife and I wanted. Its beam width is
what makes it so. Had a bit of a difficult time finding a canoe dolly to transport to and from the water but eventually we got one that works fine. We are ‘age challenged’ and like things to be easy and stable. This boat fits the bill.”


“I live by a small lake, and for a couple of years have wanted to buy some small boat put in it. This canoe came up for sale at a good price with free shipping so I bought it. It has proven to be very stable (I can stand in it) and works well. The built in ice chest is small but will hold a few drinks or the like, and the cupholders are a nice feature. The bottom of the boat isn’t perfectly straight, dipping down slightly where the seats are, but for my use I can’t see where this makes any difference, it’s very minor. I figure some master canoer guy probably would’t feel the same but then again I don’t think he would be looking at this canoe anyway. I really like my boat and it is exactly what I wanted.”


“Nothing bad to say, It was a great price. It is comparable to any aluminum canoe that my family and I have ever rented. I find it to be more stable then Aluminum and it draws almost no water even with 4 of us and a dog.
I would recommend this product to anyone. It shipped free from Amazon and pulled up to the house inside an 18 wheeler. the kids got a kick out of that.”

“I ordered two 156 KL Industries Water Quest canoes to be used by our family here in SW Oklahoma. When they arrived early summer, the rub railing on the side of both canoes was twisted and melted, reminding me of heat shrink material. I called KL Industries about getting the rub rail replaced and they stated that the material actually is heat shrink type material and they couldn’t do anything about it. I was informed to talk with Amazon for any replacement parts or heat the material up again and bend it back into position as best I could. Well, we currently are paddling two twisted canoes around the local lakes. On the good side, this is the first item I’ve ever purchased through Amazon that didn’t satisfy me.”

The President of KL actual responded on Amazon to that last review and provided the customer with their customer service number. Very impressive!

For more info on this cheap canoe click this link: KL Industries Water Quest 156 Canoe

This canoe is also available from Walmart


The next cheap canoe is the Pelican Explorer 14.6 Dlx Canoe.

Pelican Explorer 14.6 Dlx Canoe

Unfortunately I do not have access to any customer reviews that I have permission to post here but you can check out this link:

This canoe is very similar to the previous Pelican canoe in construction, however this canoe also features a built in cooler and seats with backs on them. As you can imagine this is a perfect canoe for family fun and fishing.

This canoe is available at both Amazon and Walmart



Obviously I can’t list every canoe available on this one page so I urge you try the two links at the beginning of the page for more info.

Lastly, if you’re really looking to get a canoe cheap you might want to simply check out Craigslist but be forwarded that I myself would not buy any used watercraft without first actually putting it into the water and trying it out.

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