Geeksquad_Jimmy Sodmg Mixtape

All we need to have is a tiny enjoy, and a person standing for the tiny cubs

And I see brutality all over niggas killin’ niggas
The ghetto got them being born to be killas
Flooded with drugs and tryin to get us, so get up
But never give up, ya’ll gotta sit up
If you final ahead of they kill us
And the guerillas, attempt come kill us
Pillage the village and we’ll be winna
I love it when niggas the way we took it to an additional level
So many rebels undertaking the finest shit forever remembered
And in the killing fields, everybody’s locked up
And very good niggas finding shot up da dadan dada
Mind if I say some thing for mine
Trigger it really is about time, to get significant
A mysterious time, blind melons
It ain’t no telling, if the prepared
Will quit chillin’, then aid the youngsters
Turning them out, then burning them out
Like morphine, waters obtaining shallow
It’s over and over the gallow
A president in the drop, it really is on now though
The end of life, for now so
I consider it’s the ozone, negative to the bone bone
Mother Nature be long gone
And do not no one wanna do practically nothing but speculate
And all they worried about their own
Wrote a song for the long term
Millenium, I’m in, I’m hopeing it do not last untill we all previous
Living in the stars, seeking through grass
Aboard the enterprise, identify this, in the course of a da-da-da-da-da-da-day

Nonetheless got bombs from the cold war, radioactive
And the critics, they wont take action
They want us to repo this to your satisfaction
But while they create much more, computer systems maintain crashing
What about felling, pestilence dammit
How do we manage to keep standing
Living in a legacy of bitterness
With the epitimy of vigorous trips on the ships we were crammed in, slammed in
Other man and them, why do not we demanding our damn money
If we can’t get forty acres and a mule, let a nigga get a variety rover
Shit you got time you, I’m still waiting on a canoe, but it will never ever come
I never even know where I come from or where I’m gonna go to
I’m headed to the mother land, but will I be accepted by the brotha man?
Awww me so confused, with nothing at all to acquire and every little thing to shed, choose
The righteous and the high, appear in the eyes and understand the lies
Loved ones ties, but not even for the have-nots
Who the enemy? It ain’t me. It ain’t even the police
Except if they trippin’, and use that authority and start off flippin’, flippin’
Leaving dead bodies, and with them bitchin’ hotties
That poppin’ the collar, my god I’m horny, ride shotty
And tellin’ the kids that ain’t the way to live effectively
Get yo monopoly and get your own home

Ooooh and the daddies and momma forgivin’ so we can reside with us
And all the runaways get off the bus
Children, place the guns down, come down
If the rest develop a bridge with us, it gotta get greater than this
It is head of the risk, shoulda been poor, and I been rich
Lost so a lot of buddies to the war shit, caution
When I get to walkin’, and it is mobbin’, nigga in a crypt
Life is a fight to the street life, tonight
I may go meet the reaper, and I will give him a hug
And inform him “Thug luv won and I’m so glad to meet ya”
And that is the way we sing, and that’s the way we play
and that’s the way they . . .

Written by geeksquad_jimmy

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